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WillEffect provides Wills and Succession advisory services. The WillEffect team comprises of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants and bankers who can provide holistic solutions tailored to individual requirements.

WillEffect is designed to help you to protect and pass on your personal and business assets to whomever you desire, be it your family or anybody else, the quality of service and confidentiality of clients being our prime concerns. Our expertise ensures that no matter how complex your circumstances may be, our team of specialists can discuss with you and help find the solution that works for you.

Depending on factors such as quantum and location of assets, family constitution, religious faith and such other factors, an appropriate succession plan has to be developed and a suitable methodology for carrying it out has to be decided. Our services in relation to succession planning encompass family constitutions, business restructuring, creating tax efficient succession structures to Will writing services.

Our Will writing services are available online, quick and convenient. Our services are also available offline with more personal face-to-face meetings. We recommend using the offline route if you need advice to meet complex inheritance objectives, if you need to ensure special circumstances are taken into account or if you are just more comfortable making your Will after speaking to our advisor.


C.C. Chokshi Advisors Pvt. Ltd and Universal Trustees Pvt. Ltd.


Our vision is to be leading advisor in matters relating to succession and inheritance recognizing the special needs of every individual and acknowledging the need for confidentiality.


To support individuals in making and fulfilling their succession decisions.


Our team comprises of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants and bankers. Some of our specialists have more than 30 years of experience in Will Writing and Succession Advisory.

Mr. Dileep C Choksi is the chief mentor and advisor. He has been a senior partner at C.C. Chokshi and Co. and a Joint Managing Partner at Deloitte. He is presently on the board of several reputed companies and brings to bear over three decades of professional experience in various fields.

Ms. Saroj Chirawawala works with us as a senior consultant. She is a reputed Solicitor with over 35 years of experience in Wills and Testementary matters, succession and inheritance law, probates, taxation, property and real estate laws. She has worked with renowned law firms like M/S Mulla & Mulla, Craige Blunt and Caroe and has retired as a Partner of M/S Malvi Ranchoddas & Co. in September 2014.

Our Board

Mr. Satish Shah is a standing author and well-known council practicing in the field of commercial and personal law in the high court and supreme court

Mr. Noshir Desai has been a member of the Managing Committee with Lowe Lintas. He has focused on marketing strategy and marketing communication for several multinational and local business groups. He has been the Marketing and Communications Director for Oricon Enterprise before becoming President of Consumer Healthcare at Kopran.


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