Will Services
A Will enables you to fulfill all your wishes even after you. There could be business matters, personal matters, confidential matters which you would like to see resolved. WillEffect will handhold with you in coming to conclusions and decisions and implementing them. They work in association with C.C. Chokshi Advisors Pvt. Ltd. and even provide trusteeship and executorship services through Universal Trustees Pvt. Ltd.

Will Writing

A Will can serve several purposes. You can execute a simple Will now at a click of a button. You may wish to execute a Will later after discussion. Any which way…..

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Will Safekeeping

WillEffect ensures safekeeping of your Will. Please remember that any Will executed later is valid and overrides a previously written Will. Knowledge of kin of the existence of a Will retains its con...

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Will Registration

Registration is voluntary and helps establish the existence of a Will. It is very comparable to a Will safe kept.

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Will Validation

Given the sensitive nature and the objectives for which Wills are executed you may desire WillEffect to have a second look. Both from an option point of view as well as a suggestive point of view.

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Living Will Drafting

Living Wills are medical directives to family and doctors as to which medical treatment you wish or do not wish to receive incase you cannot communicate your preference due to incapacitation. A Livin...

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Drafting a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney authorizes a person to take financial and other decisions and implement them on your behalf when you are unable to make such decisions due to crippli...

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Wills for NRI's/PIO's

The devolution of property depends upon the nature of the property, the domicile and at times the residence and the citizenship of the individual.  Your family may ...

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An Executor is a person/entity who has the responsibility to dispose the testator’s assets to the beneficiaries as per the Will.WillEffect has a collaboration with Universal Trustees Pvt. Ltd., a lea...

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