What is a Will?

Why do I need a Will?

I have nominees on all my investments? What is the need for a Will?

Who can make a Will?

What is the right age to make a Will?

Does a Will need to be Typed? Registered? Stamped?

What are the important elements of a Will?

Which succession law applies to me?

Who is an Executor? Is it mandatory to appoint an Executor? Who executes the Will incase no Executor is appointed?

Does a Witness need to read the contents of the Will before signing?

Can a beneficiary (person receiving something in my Will) also be a Witness?

Can the beneficiary be an Executer?

Can I mention my wishes regarding my digital life such as access to email accounts, social media accounts?

Can I deny property to an heir in my Will?

What happens to assets that I may have forgotten to mention in the will and assets that I have acquired after writing the Will?

Can I change my Will? How?

Can I declare my Will ‘Irrevocable’?

Where can I store my Will?

How can a Will be cancelled?

Will Services

A Will enables you to fulfill all your wishes even after you. There could be business matters, personal matters, confidential matters which you would like to see resolved. WillEffect will handhold with you in coming to conclusions and decisions and implementing them. They work in association with C.C. Chokshi Advisors Pvt. Ltd. and even provide trusteeship and executorship serv...

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Bereavement Advice

WillEffect works with you whether or not there has been a Will.There are always ownership, business, personal, legal or other matters that require resolution upon any demise. You may be named as Executor in a Will and need guidance or your loved one may have not left a Will and you need assistance to administer the estate. WillEffect will handhold you through the entire process...

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Alternate Structure Advice

Every individual is uniquely placed In life be it family, friends, business, society, parents or whatever else. Developments both nationally and internationally enable holding of assets and carrying on of business and ensuring passing of income in any desired manner by adoption of various possible structures. WillEffect in consultation with C.C. Chokshi Advisors Pvt. Ltd. offer...

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