Will Writing
A Will can serve several purposes. You can execute a simple Will now at a click of a button. You may wish to execute a Will later after discussion. Any which way…..
A Will is the giving of written instructions of:
  • What is to be done
  • To whom, what is to be given and can include directions of how some things have to be done or how certain persons like young children or aged parents or challenged or differently abled individuals should be looked after.
A Will allows you to pass on the assets owned by you to the people you want. It helps to fulfill the innermost desires of any individual in justifiable comfort of confidentiality and enforceability. In the absence of a Will, your assets will be disposed according to the Succession law applicable to you. I.e. The Hindu Succession Act if you are a Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or Jain, The Indian Succession Act if you are a Christian or Parsi and the Muslim Succession Act if you are a Muslim. These Succession laws specify what proportion of assets will be passed on to defined heirs. This disposition may not be in accordance with what your wishes may have been.
A Will can also specify other wishes such as the type of funeral you wish, organ donation, access to your online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc. and how you would like them to be dealt with.
An Important factor to consider is that of Guardianship. If you have children, a will allows you to ensure that your children are raised by people you trust and in a way you deem appropriate. A will allows you to specify their guardians. Without a will, the courts will decide who will take control of your children should you pass away. Wills become extremely important in cases where children lose both parents at the same time. In a circumstance like that, there is no surviving parent to take care of the children nor have a say in the distribution of assets.
A Will also allows parents to make special provisions for children who may have health, matrimonial or financial problems ensuring that the children are looked after.
You can provide for charities, philanthropic causes close to your heart, friends or other organizations in your Will. These entities would not be able to receive the benefit you wished them to receive, in the absence of a Will.
A Will comes into effect only after death. Till that time, it can be changed as many times as one wishes.
You can make your Will online at WillEffect or have a customized Will written for you after discussions with our Will writing specialists.
A Will can be made online on WillEffect in 3 simple steps:
  • Enter the required information
  • Make the payment online
  • WillEffect will email your Will to you on receipt of your payment In addition, WillEffect will also send you guidance notes on Will Execution, Registration and safekeeping.
In case you have complex needs and require make a more customized Will or if you feel more comfortable speaking to our Will writing specialists before making your Will all you need to do is enter your contact details and a time that would be convenient for you. Our Will writing specialist will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request.



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