Bereavement Advice
WillEffect works with you whether or not there has been a Will. There are always ownership, business, personal, legal or other matters that require resolution upon any demise. WillEffect works with the family or any individual to achieve that.
WillEffect endevours to give you the assurance that on the loss of a near and dear there is somebody to handhold through the process of estate administration and  advice on matters thereafter. You may be named as Executor in a Will and need guidance or your loved one may have not left a Will and you need assistance to administer the estate. WillEffect will handhold you through the entire process.

There are times when legalities and claims could deny or disturb the inheritance. WillEffect seeks to ensure that such contingencies are minimized to the best possible extent. There could be occasions for immortalizing a name or undertaking a cause or supporting a family. We would be happy to assist the family or those near and dear in achieving these.



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