Alternate Structures And Advisory
Every individual is uniquely placed In life be it family, friends, business, society, parents or whatever else. Developments both nationally and internationally enable holding of assets and carrying on of business and ensuring passing of income in any desired manner by adoption of various possible structures. WillEffect in consultation with C.C. Chokshi Advisors Pvt. Ltd. offers the best suited structures to meet individual and family needs.
Alternate structures can be used if you would like to make confidential dispositions, protect assets in the event of litigation, you have sources of income that are confidential, if you want to provide for a revenue source/income without ownership of assets being transferred specially for people who do not understand commercial transactions, where family may be separated by geographical distances but remain dependent on your wealth, if you would like to leave the Executor of your Will with the responsibility of doing something for a cause etc.

 In all such cases it is best to use alternate structures such as Trusts and keep the Will simple to remain uncontested.



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