Will Registration
Registration is voluntary and helps establish the existence of a Will. It is very comparable to a Will safe kept.
Will Registration is not mandatory under Indian Law, however a registered Will implies that the registrar has verified the writer of the Will and the witnesses by attesting it. Often, a Will is challenged in court on the grounds that it was made under coercion, threat or by a person of unsound mind. One way of establishing that the Will was made by the testator of his own free will with full mental capacities is to Register the Will.
Research has shown that approximately 90% of people between the ages 18 and 44 do not know who has written their parents Will or where the Will has been stored. If the family does not know where the Will has been stored, it may be assumed that you have died intestate and your estate will be administered as per the succession law applicable. This may not be as per your wishes as mentioned in your Will. By Registering your Will, your Executor or next of kin will be able to get your Will from the registrar in the case that your original Will cannot be located.



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