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Our Mission

WillEffect specialises in holistic and individually tailored client-centric plans that enrich the business ventures and personal lives of our clients.

We believe that proper estate planning tools should be widely available to all and we know it’s vital that the assets you took a lifetime to build and maintain should be passed on according to your desires.

Our team at WillEffect helps simplify your life by strategizing and planning for your family and business’s future and setting a course for future achievements.

Why WillEffect?
Since 1948 our parent company has been helping premier business houses and families find efficient financial solutions.
Get the advantage of bespoke, comprehensive solutions tailor-made to YOUR unique family and financial needs.
Get the advantage of our full-service range catering to every estate planning need from Wills to trusts, professional executorship, Power of Attorney and much, much more.
Get the advantage of dedicated team of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants and estate and trust practitioners.
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