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Executorship & Trusteeship

Executorship and trusteeship are daunting roles involving complex family and business relationships, legal obligations and paperwork.

With WillEffect get access to your impartial and professional executors and trustees and set yourself free to look after the things that really matter.

Why would I hire a professional executor/ trustee?

Executors are the people you appoint in your Will to carry out the administration of your estate; whereas, a trustee is a person chosen by you to manage your trust.

Although many people choose to appoint family members or friends, some wish to appoint professional executors/ trustees because:

  • It relieves friends and relatives of cumbersome duty at a time of grief
  • Estates with assets overseas, business or agricultural interests, or those with complex trusts require specialist advice
  • If you have members of your immediate family who do not get along well with others or there is likelihood of friction if you appoint one of them as your executor/ trustee
  • If executor is living abroad then it becomes difficult for him/her to leave work and family for months and come to India to settle an estate

So, appointing professional executors/ professional trustees helps cut the risk of unnecessary delays and costs for your beneficiaries while assuring you of unbiased, specialized views of an experienced and professional team.

Why Us?

WillEffect offers Executor services in association with Universal Trustees Pvt. Ltd, a leading trust and succession services company with a blue-chip shareholding.

Our Will specialists are skilled in the nuances of estate administration and Will settlement. With our professional executor and trustee services, you can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out accurately and efficiently, with the least amount of stress to your loved ones.

Yes, I would like to enjoy the trustworthy services of WillEffect’s experienced professional executors and trustees

Why WillEffect?
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