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Will Writing

Secure and protect the future of your loved ones with a well written, legally valid will

Because only a will can help ensure that your assests go to the beneficiaries you designate

What is a Will?

A Will is a written instruction specifying your desire about what you leave behind. Through a Will you can leave behind clear instructions about:

  • What is to be done regarding your assets and responsibilities
  • What is to be given to whom and how much
  • You can also include specific directions like
  • How you want certain things done or,
  • How young children or aged parents or challenged or differently-abled members should be looked after or,
  • Other wishes such as the type of funeral you wish, organ donation, access to your online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

So, a Will need not contain only assets it can contain directions, views, instructions and more.

What happens if you don’t leave behind a Will?

Now, India has many complex laws that govern different communities, family structures and businesses.

In the absence of a Will, your assets will be disposed according to the Succession law applicable to you i.e. The Hindu Succession Act if you are a Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or Jain, The Indian Succession Act if you are a Christian or Parsi and the Muslim Succession Act if you are a Muslim.

The Succession laws specify what proportion of assets will be passed on to defined heirs. This disposition may or may not be in accordance with your wishes.

Research shows that almost everyone makes the wrong assumption over who would automatically benefit if they don’t write a Will.

The truth is:

  • In many cases, your spouse or child cannot ‘automatically’ inherit everything you own
  • Partners may have the same rights as those of a spouse
  • If you leave behind children under the age of 18, the courts will decide on their guardianship

Hence you see, you need to write your Will with caution because a Will is a simple thing but Will writing need not be. Professional Will writers can help ensure that your Will is legally valid and written as per your wishes.

Why get a professional Will writer?

A will writer is trained to write a Will keeping in mind your situation. A professional Will writer has:

  • Clarity on the laws governing the distribution of your assets based on citizenship, religion, domicile and marital status
  • Knowledge of alternate asset distribution structures that can help reduce the burden on your successors
  • Awareness of common mistakes in Wills that can turn them invalid.

The WillEffect Promise

We will listen carefully to your needs and wishes to ensure effective implementation of your wishes.

We will help you choose the best options based on our years of experience and the latest legal developments.

Our Charges

Online will writing – Rs. 5000.

Writing an offline will in consultation with a will expert – Starting at Rs. 20,000. We will quote you the amount after understanding the requirement and on the basis of complexity.

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