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Will Safekeeping

Did you know storing your will is as important as writing and updating your will?

Because if your will is not found then your assets will not be distributed as you wish.

Reasons Why You Should Use WillEffect’s Will Safekeeping Service

At WillEffect we keep your original signed Will in safe custody-

Fire-proof, water proof and tamper-proof till your nominated executor asks for it.

Research shows that approximately 90% of people between the ages 18 and 44 do not know who has written their parent’s Will or where the Will has been stored [Wills found much after estates are settled].

With WillEffect’s Will Safekeeping service you can help your family avoid unnecessary hassle and ensure that your family or executor knows where the Will has been stored.

Such a Will Safekeeping agreement also helps avoid an assumption of intestate (i.e no Will) and ensures that your estate will be administered as per your wishes.

Yes, I want to ensure my Will’s safekeeping and help my loved ones with a readily available Will

Our Charges

Rs. 6000. per annum

The fee quoted above will be adjusted for inflation every three years as per the cost inflation index published by the tax authorities and in a case of non-availability of this index, a similar benchmark available in public domain will be used for this purpose. The annual fee above will be chargeable in advance every year.

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