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Why WillEffect

We stand out because at WillEffect we offer

Customised Solutions

At WillEffect while designing your estate plan our first priority is YOU because we believe that your assets need to be passed on as you desire. Our team works hard to ensure that your customized and comprehensive solution meets the requirements of the laws while creating minimum tax liability for your beneficiaries.

Legacy of Trust, Confidentiality and Integrity

WillEffect comes from the trusted C. C. Chokshi group and brings with it their age-old value system that has helped many premier business houses and families with its expertise in tax, law and accounts. With WillEffect by your side, you can truly be assured because our deep-rooted values of trust, confidentiality and integrity will form an integral part of your service experience.

All Estate Planning Solutions Under One Roof

With WillEffect you get all your estate planning solutions under one roof- from will writing, will registration, safekeeping, to probate, creation of trusts, drafting and custodianship of Power of attorneys and even trusteeship and executorship!

Our experienced team is ready to hand-hold you through the complex path of estate planning. You can use our experienced services through all the stages of estate planning- from the time you start planning the disposition of your assets to the time the assets are actually passed on to the beneficiaries. We will always be there for you.

Experienced Team of Domain Experts

Your WillEffect team consists of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants and estate and trust practitioners because estate planning is much more than writing a legally valid Will. It entails planning for the future, taking care of all the possibilities from lengthy court procedures, to taxation implications and even supporting your beneficiaries during complex estate procedures. That’s why, at WillEffect, we have a team of specialized domain experts to help you create the most viable plan for the smooth transfer of your family and business assets.

Why WillEffect?
Since 1948 our parent company has been helping premier business houses and families find efficient financial solutions.
Get the advantage of bespoke, comprehensive solutions tailor-made to YOUR unique family and financial needs.
Get the advantage of our full-service range catering to every estate planning need from Wills to trusts, professional executorship, Power of Attorney and much, much more.
Get the advantage of dedicated team of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants and estate and trust practitioners.
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