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Living Will Drafting

Do you worry what medical treatment (if at all) you would like to receive it in the event you become very ill or incapacitated?

Now you can protect and safeguard your future with a living will.

One major concern for many of our clients is what medical treatment (if at all) they would like to receive in the event they become so ill or incapacitated that they’re unable to make decisions about their health. That’s an uneasy thought but as prevention is better than cure- we suggest you create your own personal Living Will as a part of your estate plan.

Writing your living Will helps you to clearly state your preferences concerning the nature, scope and extent of medical treatment that you would want to receive in the event of an incapacitating injury or terminal illness

For example, with a living Will, you can voice your wishes regarding whether or not you would want to be placed on life-support equipment after your heart has stopped.

Plus, through a living will, you can make it known exactly what treatment you want to receive and which treatments you do not want.

It is now enforceable in India

Living wills are still not legally enforceable in India. Click here to know the countries that provide Living Wills

But you can always write it as a guideline for your successors and family so that they can take decisions knowing this would have been as per your wishes.

Yes, I want to create a Living Will to ensure that I live my life as I desire

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