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Want to protect your capital for a longer term while taking care of your dependents?

Use trusts because they not only help managing assets but also provide the greatest benefits of your dependents.

Think Trusts.

Trusts are not just for the rich and famous. In fact, Trusts are of immense value to all those people who look for ways to manage their assets in such a way that it provides the greatest benefits to their dependents.

How do trusts help?

Many of our clients ask for ways they can

  • make confidential dispositions,
  • protect assets in the event of litigation,
  • look after family separated by geographical distances
  • decide on control of the assets and income from assets
  • look after future generations
  • pass on business assets
  • ensure that the interests of minor children / specially abled children are taken care of
  • provide for a revenue source / income without ownership of assets being transferred (specially for family members who do not understand commercial transactions),

In such cases we suggest that you keep the Will simple to remain uncontested and create trusts to help you do all that and much more…

Yes, I want to take WillEffect’s expert help in creating tax-efficient Trusts.

Why WillEffect?
Since 1948 our parent company has been helping premier business houses and families find efficient financial solutions.
Get the advantage of bespoke, comprehensive solutions tailor-made to YOUR unique family and financial needs.
Get the advantage of our full-service range catering to every estate planning need from Wills to trusts, professional executorship, Power of Attorney and much, much more.
Get the advantage of dedicated team of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants and estate and trust practitioners.
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