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Family Charters

You know that the basis of a happy family lies in shared rules.

Discuss, create and formulate rules to ensure your family's continued hapiness and family charters.

What is a family constitution?

A family constitution also known as a family creed, family charter or family agreement is a very useful tool for business families.

  • It documents the values and principles that will underpin the conduct of the family business
  • It defines the strategic objectives of the business
  • It sets out the way in which the family will make decisions affecting the ownership and management of the business

Does a family constitution help prevent conflict?

No. Sadly, it doesn’t. But it does something far more realistic- it provides a written mechanism to manage and resolve conflict.

Plus, while creating a family charter the family has to come together to consider important issues about the future of the family business ensuring that everyone reaches a consensus.

Yes! I would like to create a family charter to easily manage and resolve issues

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