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Will Registration

Still Wondering, "Should I or Shouldn't I register my will?"

WillEffect’s answer- Yes, you should.

Why do we ask our clients to register their Wills?

Let’s first state that Will registration not mandatory, so even a Will that is not registered is legally valid.

However, legal experience tells us that registering a Will is better because:

  • It implies that the registrar has verified the writer of the Will and the witnesses by attesting it.
  • Many times, a Will is challenged in court on the grounds that it was made under coercion, threat or by a person of unsound mind. Registering a Will can help establish that it was made in free will with full mental capacity. It helps prove genuineness.
  • Plus, by registering your Will, your Executor or next of kin will be able to get your Will from the registrar in the case that your original Will cannot be located. It ensures security.

How does WillEffect help with Will registration?

There’s no denying that court procedures like Will registration can eat into your precious time.

But with WillEffect by your side you not only get the advantage of an experienced and professional estate planner to guide and hand-hold you through the entire Will process but also save up on time

Yes, I care! I want to register my Will to smoothen the process for my family.

Our Charges

Rs. 2000/- to facilitate the registration. The registration charges to be paid at the registration office will be additional and will be dependant on the registrar office applicable to you.

Why WillEffect?
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